Friday, August 20, 2010

In The News

In case you've not noticed they have been closing places right and left because of bed bugs. Movie theaters, clothing stores, etc. Bed bugs are on the rise in this country and they are taking over. I'm going to allow you a glimpse into what I've been going through for the last 3 count them 3 months. First off let me explain that this past year I've been throwing away/giving to goodwill truckloads per month. So My house is cleaned out and uncluttered. I sweep, do dishes, and clean my house daily. I have one of the cleanest houses of all my friends. I tell you this to explain that a bed bug infestation is not necessarily because the person is dirty. It happens in the cleanest of homes. I've been really embarrassed that this happened to me. I want to tell others so that they know there's nothing that could have been changed for them to not come into their home! There's no reason to be embarrassed. They happen!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Finally after a year of bad news we have some good news!

Whoohoo! I got a job that I am very excited about. I will be tutoring for Educate-Online for 6 months. After that I can move into recruiting, training, curriculum writing or tech support. If I choose recruiting they will require me to travel and right now that does appeal to me. I'm sure it will get old if I end up doing that. The possibilities of this job are very cool. I've never been in a job that I could advance in. (Day care and teaching and preschool the only thing you can do is be a principal and I have never had the desire to do that!)

The second good news we got today. My hubby was at work and his boss was talking to him. In the last 4 years he's been doing some managing of the other technicians and is the lead tech. As he was talking his boss said you know you have real potential for advancement here. Ok here's my thought...there's only one space he can move to. Service Manager! I see a brand spanking new acura in my future! lol I believe if (IF) (you never know what's around the corner obviously) (IF) it happens it will be a few years out. I'm so excited for him! He will be a great leader for this company! He has the potential to make twice as much money as I ever could and all without a college degree! Who says hard work and dedication aren't rewarded today! Way to go honey! I have always seen the greatness in everything you do. You were named employee of the year when you hadn't even been with the company that long! You are amazing!

School has started and I'm relieved that all children are in school. The pre-k girl goes 4 days per week and it's heaven! I'm enjoying cleaning my house in quiet, planning dinner, getting groceries, and being able to go have lunch with my dh. All by myself! I can't imagine how amazing next year will be when she goes to K 5 days a week in a public school (magnet) but it's free compared to what we're paying now! Excited, excited, can you tell I'm excited. We've got some exciting things going on here! Thank you God for turning this back around and reminding me who's in control!