Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hey, Get a Job!

I received the book, Hey, Get a Job A Teen Guide for Getting and Keeping a Job for my teenager to read and for me to review. My son sat down and read that book in less than a day. It was a quick read and one that he actually enjoyed reading. He learned so many things from this book.

He learned how to write a resume. He read about how to fill out an application. There is a whole chapter on how to interview for that first job. How is he supposed to dress for that interview? This book really does cover it all. It goes into how to manage the money you earn from that first job. As well as what the labor laws say, how to spot a good employer versus a bad employer.

I'm very thankful to have received this book as a review. My son is only 15 but I definitely feel that in this job market he will have an edge when it comes time for him to get a job. He has 6 more months before he will start working to pay his car insurance, gas, etc. During this time I feel this book has helped him decide what kind of job he'd like to work and how to go about getting that job. He is more prepared for the job market then the average teenager. I pray he gets a job quickly!

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Can't wait to get the book. Here's the book for purchase.

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