Monday, July 13, 2009

I can't even imagine

how the ladies in the west (or south for that matter) cooked over an open flame. Here I sit in my lovely air conditioned kitchen cooking dinner. It's so stinkin hot in here. How did they cook over an open flame in the middle of 100* weather? Ugh.

On another note I'd like to give a shout out to my good friend Ang for keeping my kiddos for the day. Thanks Ang! I seem to be losing my mind alot lately. Being about to turn 40 I keep wondering about menopause. I know it's early but the symptoms started with my mom around this time. We leave for vacation in a few days and my lovely reading material will be "The Wisdom of Menopause". I have got to figure myself out. The mood swings alone are giving me and my dh whiplash. My friend recommended I go back on the pill (didn't we have surgery so we could stop taking that?) to level out my mood swings. I am seriously contemplating this. Sounds less expensive then those compounded hormones. Yikes. I'm not sure I can afford those so the pill might be the way. Hey, at least, then I'll be doubly sure I'm not going to be pregnant ever again. LOL No more kids in this house. Period! Done! The baby factory has shut down for the duration. Better go dish up that dinner I slaved over a hot stove for. More later.



Thursday, July 2, 2009

EA Sports Wii Active

I am loving my new wii active game. It's keeping me busy and helping me get healthy. I have the wii fit too. But for some reason I love the EA Sports Active more. I guess it seems more adult than the wii fit. Anyway I've not lost weight on it but am doing a great job of toning up! If you're thinking about getting one, do it! It rocks. It comes with a elasticized band with handles and the game. You have tons of exercises to choose from. You can do the ones the game picks for you or customize your own workout. I'm about to use the customize for the first time tomorrow. Can't wait. I'll be back to tell you how it went tomorrow. :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer lovin..

happened so fast, unless you're a mom. Then it just seems to drag on and on. I'm currently enjoying the sound of children playing. But that's because they can't turn the electronics on before 10am. So here it is, 10:17am and I have peace and quiet. Why again do we make rules for children? Oh yeah, so they don't get up at 5am and begin playing on the electronics. No reason to get up so they sleep later...if I'm lucky.

The 4th of July is coming up. Am I ready for it? I never am. Who knows what we'll do. Probably hang out with friends, eat burgers, and relax. Relaxing is something I'm very good at. My dh is the opposite of relaxing. Although with me not working and getting all the housework done, he's getting much better! My dh rocks. I love you J! He thinks it's ok if I don't work...well he does while I have 3 little ones at home. He's already planning what to buy when they are all in school. I just want to thank my hubby for always allowing me to follow my dreams. Foolish as they might be you always tolerate and never laugh when I want to do something different. I don't think I'll ever work at a job longer than 5 years. That seems to be my magic number. Once that 5 year mark hits it's time for me to do something different. At the moment I'm trying my hand at writing. I'm not sure if I'm pretty good and my friends love it or they're humoring me and secretly think I stink. Hmm I guess if I can ever sell one I'll know. Writing is fun. It allows me to put myself in other people's lives. Ok yes they are made up people but hey they're still people. I'm no Nicholas Sparks (I hate that he always kills off a character, what's up with that?). But I'd love to be the next Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Molly Harper, Jennifer Cruisie, or someone that just sells books.

Well the children are screaming now. The fun begins. Being a stay at home mom some days is amazing and other days you don't have much hair left at the end of the day. You think about the person you used to be. Fun, adventurous, inventive and somehow that turns into content, mediator, and booboo kisser which isn't nearly as exciting. C'est la vie! C'est si bon!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Vacation

is exactly what I thought it would be. Lots of sleeping til 8 or later, even for the kids! That part is awesome. Then there's the all day fighting, instigating, annoying the crap out of the other two siblings. One is always doing the instigating. It's usually the 3 year old aggrevating the 6 and 12 year old. Sometimes it's the other way. The 6 year old has quite a mean streak. I think sometimes it's cause he's been younger than the 12 year old all of his life and he's not yet learned to be sneaky like the 12 year old. Sigh. Constant playdates with friends and especially if those friends have a pool has definitely helped my sanity. We had a pool last year. But this year I don't see the point in buying another one for my hubby to throw away again at the end of this year. He's constantly throwing stuff away. Anyway thank you God for my good friends who help me stay sane during the summer. :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Writing, school year ending

So I began writing this book. My first attempt. It's going ok. Except now I'm a touch blocked. Ugh. I've been reading some of my favorite authors to try to see if that will spark something. Nothing, nada. Except I realize how witty their writing is and am not seeing witty in mine. Hmm something to work on. 

The school year is coming to a close. I'm excited that I don't/won't have to get up every day. But then I get the joy of the all day fighting between 3 precious I mean precocious kids. LOL I know the first week should be ok though. Then it'll be all downhill from there. If I can sell this book and get a contract maybe I can get a nanny! Hmm there's a thought. Oh well that's all I got for now. More later.


Monday, February 23, 2009

I put the poll up because I'm torn

we need me to work to pay off the adoption, the house, afford retirement, and be able to help put the kids through college. But my desire is to not work. My dh desire is for me to work now. Sigh how do you reconcile that? I worked in 07/08 for around 5 mos and I did enjoy it. I'm just not sure I'm ready to go back to the grind.  I teach preschool two days a week and to me that's alot right now. lol I mean I know I can do it but how do you reconcile that with the fact that your not sure you want too? I know people think what do you do all day but I'm busy!! I feel sometimes I contribute so much just not too much monetarily.  Today was crazy and it's not over yet. I'm ready for bed so I'm anxiously awaiting your replies/comments! Let me have it!

How do we get anything done?

You know, with children I mean. I had to go to the store, post office, and drug store today after waiting this morning for comcast. So I made lunch, put Abby to nap, and then proceeded to organize some coupons for grocery shopping. I decided to wait til after I picked the kids up from school....what was I thinking. So I pick them up, we head to Publix first, pretty smooth here. Then we ran into to do a simple mailing at the PO. Wrong....the guy infront of me had 8 pkgs all going overseas so it took forever.  Hungry children trying to wait patiently isn't pretty. Ugh I managed to not kill them and we ran to pick up my prescription. I could have used the drive through but nooooooooooo. I wanted to do a quick run in. It wasn't too bad. My dh is saying uh I think you might need a time out...please...put me out of my misery...let me go to my room by myself. LOL