Monday, February 23, 2009

I put the poll up because I'm torn

we need me to work to pay off the adoption, the house, afford retirement, and be able to help put the kids through college. But my desire is to not work. My dh desire is for me to work now. Sigh how do you reconcile that? I worked in 07/08 for around 5 mos and I did enjoy it. I'm just not sure I'm ready to go back to the grind.  I teach preschool two days a week and to me that's alot right now. lol I mean I know I can do it but how do you reconcile that with the fact that your not sure you want too? I know people think what do you do all day but I'm busy!! I feel sometimes I contribute so much just not too much monetarily.  Today was crazy and it's not over yet. I'm ready for bed so I'm anxiously awaiting your replies/comments! Let me have it!

How do we get anything done?

You know, with children I mean. I had to go to the store, post office, and drug store today after waiting this morning for comcast. So I made lunch, put Abby to nap, and then proceeded to organize some coupons for grocery shopping. I decided to wait til after I picked the kids up from school....what was I thinking. So I pick them up, we head to Publix first, pretty smooth here. Then we ran into to do a simple mailing at the PO. Wrong....the guy infront of me had 8 pkgs all going overseas so it took forever.  Hungry children trying to wait patiently isn't pretty. Ugh I managed to not kill them and we ran to pick up my prescription. I could have used the drive through but nooooooooooo. I wanted to do a quick run in. It wasn't too bad. My dh is saying uh I think you might need a time out...please...put me out of my misery...let me go to my room by myself. LOL