Monday, February 23, 2009

How do we get anything done?

You know, with children I mean. I had to go to the store, post office, and drug store today after waiting this morning for comcast. So I made lunch, put Abby to nap, and then proceeded to organize some coupons for grocery shopping. I decided to wait til after I picked the kids up from school....what was I thinking. So I pick them up, we head to Publix first, pretty smooth here. Then we ran into to do a simple mailing at the PO. Wrong....the guy infront of me had 8 pkgs all going overseas so it took forever.  Hungry children trying to wait patiently isn't pretty. Ugh I managed to not kill them and we ran to pick up my prescription. I could have used the drive through but nooooooooooo. I wanted to do a quick run in. It wasn't too bad. My dh is saying uh I think you might need a time out...please...put me out of my misery...let me go to my room by myself. LOL

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