Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Vacation

Well it's started already. The fun of Christmas break with the children out of school. So far one child has ruined a tupperware pitcher by placing it on the eye of the stove that I was making tea in.He looked a bit upset, I was a bit upset, but it's not worth him feeling bad. So I just told him oh well it's just a pitcher and not worth getting upset about. I didn't like the color of that pitcher anyway. 12 just said to me, "I need some henchmen do you know where I can get any?" me "uh no why do you need henchmen?" 12 so I can do my chores and they would do them for me...lmao how funny is that?  Then 6 has been complaining non stop about his brother hurting him. 2 has been bossing us all around and even told 12 that he was working for her and she would pay him on the first day of school. How funny is that? 12 is doing dishes as we speak (thank you God for children) This post should be about all the things I need to get done and me being on here isn't helping me get them finished. I need to reboot the laundry, fold the laundry, do turbo jam, watch my calories so I can lose weight instead of's been a rough month what can I say. I'm very grateful to say that all my shopping is done, all my presents wrapped and hidden so that 2 doesn't single handedly destroy...aka open every present if we were so crazy as to put it under the tree. 
Snickers, our chocolate lab, just ate his ball and so much food I'm not sure where he put it. I've started making his dogfood and all his gassiness has gone away. I thought it was because of the price of dog food that I started making his own. But after watching dirty jobs it's because dog food is gross that I'm making his own. Dang, add that to my list he's almost out of dog food. I need to make that by tomorrow at the latest. Doh! Well I better go get turbo jam done so I can then reboot my laundry, start the dogfood, begin my diet to a new body and somehow manage to make all my children behave. I'll let you know if I accomplish anything other than my nap I had earlier today and watching Muppets Christmas Letters with the kids. 

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