Sponsor Me!

What do you get when you sponsor me at blogging conferences?

Looking for someone to wear your brand and make you known? I'm your bloggy mom. For the price of the ticket (average price 200) I will wear your brand and write you 4 (200 words or less) articles of your choosing. I will also advertise your business on my blog for 3 months (6 weeks before and 6 weeks after). Your ad (provided by you) will be 300 x 250 size button and will be placed above the fold on my blog. I will tweet and facebook your brand at least 4x a week as something to entice them to go to your site. As a personal sponsor, I can not pass out flyers or hand anything out. I can, however, wear your brand, share your brand, advertise your brand and write articles about your brand. I want to do business with you! Contact me and let's work together!

More questions, see www.blissdomconference.com. Hope I hear from you soon. Contact me so we can partner together at dina at myunentitledlife . com. Have a wonderful day!

Conferences I'd love to attend:


Bloggy Moms

She Speaks


Bloggy Bootcamp