Sunday, January 23, 2011

Getting into the swing

of working. I really love my job. I just had my second evaluation and got a 2.9 out of 3. Woot! Teaching is what I love to do. I mean how fun is it to see a teacher running through the halls with crayons when clearly there is an art emergency somewhere. Wait...what? I've taught 1st grade, 2nd grade, preschool and worked with middle school girls at church. I have come to realize that teenagers are my favorite. I get to work with teenagers in my new job alot. They are so funny. I do believe that this has been my favorite job I've had. I get to be at home with my kids and I still have time to myself. It does cut into my family time a little bit but I'm playing with a schedule to get that worked out.

We recently cut cable. I've been pleasantly surprised at how little I've missed it. I do miss my dvr. But my dvr just encouraged me to watch more tv. We are spending more time together as a family. It's been really nice.  Today we went to see megamind at the 1.50 theater. It was such a funny movie. It ranks right up there with Toy Story. We are a pretty frugal little family. You have to be when you are on one income. My income from this job will go to pay off medical bills and hopefully put a little in the bank. :) I'm hoping this ends up being at least a 7 month a year job. I guess I really won't know until the fall.

I am ready for this snow to go. I can't wait til this summer when we will be spending a month in our Florida house. I wish I was there already. I have loved these snow days. But I miss laying on the beach, reading my latest SEP book and watching my children play. If I could move down there I would! Alas, our life is here. It's a good life. I have happy children, a happy husband, a happy chocolate lab and a happy me. I'm glad to have my happiness back. Sometimes God can show off in a big way in your life. He's been showing off to me lately. I love it! Thank you for reminding me what's important in life. Your family, friends and your health. Where you lay your head is less important as who surrounds you! I can honestly say I have no choice but to believe that now. Well it's time to put this post to bed. My head is hurting so I am going to lie down in a dark quiet room and thank my God for all that I have (not stuff, but people)! Good night all.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bene "fits" to working at home...

I have to say, I love my new job. I love working and trying to help the students. There are some bene "fits" as my hubby calls them to working at home. 1. the walk to work is never too cold or too hot snow to trudge through. 2. there is always food close by (although the vending machines suck) 3. I don't have to pay a babysitter 4. my son ends up having to cook dinner if I don't get it in the crockpot. 5. my dog and cat sit at my feet. 6. the view outside my window is nice. 7. facebook...nuff said. 8. nice to show up to work in either running pants or pj's. 9. the ride into work is nice and I don't have to warm up the car *no gas used!*. 10. i don't have to plan for my lunch. :) Now the not so glamorous side to working at home. 1. I see my office every time I walk into the kitchen. 2. there are no vending machines. 3. I don't have a sitter so the fighting and constant need for food is always here yelling at me. 4. I never know how dinner will turn out (altho my 14 year old isn't a bad cook!) 5. my dog and cat either want to eat or go in and out while I'm working. 6. I see all the stuff I need to get rid of on my deck. 7. facebook!!! 8. showing up in pj's not a great idea but oh so comfy and tempting. 9. tons of things here to distract me! 10. I have to eat food out of my fridge and there are no coworkers to go out to eat with!

All in all I love my new job and am thankful every day that I have it. There are no snow days but I will get a paycheck, so as my friend Danny G.'s all good! Have a great day everyone. Oh and happy birthday to me! :P