Monday, May 4, 2009

Writing, school year ending

So I began writing this book. My first attempt. It's going ok. Except now I'm a touch blocked. Ugh. I've been reading some of my favorite authors to try to see if that will spark something. Nothing, nada. Except I realize how witty their writing is and am not seeing witty in mine. Hmm something to work on. 

The school year is coming to a close. I'm excited that I don't/won't have to get up every day. But then I get the joy of the all day fighting between 3 precious I mean precocious kids. LOL I know the first week should be ok though. Then it'll be all downhill from there. If I can sell this book and get a contract maybe I can get a nanny! Hmm there's a thought. Oh well that's all I got for now. More later.


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