Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Vacation

is exactly what I thought it would be. Lots of sleeping til 8 or later, even for the kids! That part is awesome. Then there's the all day fighting, instigating, annoying the crap out of the other two siblings. One is always doing the instigating. It's usually the 3 year old aggrevating the 6 and 12 year old. Sometimes it's the other way. The 6 year old has quite a mean streak. I think sometimes it's cause he's been younger than the 12 year old all of his life and he's not yet learned to be sneaky like the 12 year old. Sigh. Constant playdates with friends and especially if those friends have a pool has definitely helped my sanity. We had a pool last year. But this year I don't see the point in buying another one for my hubby to throw away again at the end of this year. He's constantly throwing stuff away. Anyway thank you God for my good friends who help me stay sane during the summer. :)

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