Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Mine's bigger than yours

That's what shows up in your email spam. That's not what you hear as you are walking your dog. It's especially concerning when you're not in the best area of town. Yep, happened to me the other day. I tried to ignore it thinking...why on earth would someone be saying that to me. They can't be talking to me.

I finally take a glance and look up and see this older gentleman with a long ponytail, baseball hat and army jacket walking this tiny, tiny chihuahua. Once I looked up and saw his dog I busted out laughing. My dog is little he weighs like 12 lbs. This dog couldn't have weighed 3lbs. That was so funny. Turns out mine was bigger than his! Not often a woman gets a chance to use that phrase to a man!

The picture is me walking my dog down the street...not in the bad area of town. We love walking the dog in our town. Anything fun happened to you as you were taking a stroll?