Monday, May 14, 2012

Colonoscopy day

We have had a long hard road with my dad.  In a way he reminds me of this rock wall. Old and stubborn while still standing!  I still worry about him every day.

My dad's health is still really not very good. Every time he goes under anesthesia I fret that he won't come out of it. After the colon cancer he had last year we know he'll go under once a year for that colonoscopy. However, each time he does I am planning his funeral in my head. Anxiety is a wonderful thing right? Ugh.

He has had it rough. His kidneys have been trying to fail for the last 3 years. He's had lung cancer, heart attack, stroke, colitis, colon cancer, brain surgery for trigeminal neuralgia and we were told 3 different times during a 6 month stint in the hospital that he wouldn't make it through the night. What an amazing will to live he has. Another procedure behind us for a year. I'm looking forward to taking him to Florida to the beach with his grand babies this year. It will be his first time down with us.

I'm so thankful another procedure is behind us. I pray for no more procedures for the rest of the year! The man with 9 lives gets up and walks again! Thank you God.