Monday, February 15, 2010

Food, INC

anyone seen this movie. It's a really good movie about where our food comes from. Everyone should check it out! It has changed the way my family eats. I don't want to eat chlorinated burgers so we stopped going to McDonalds (luckily we had already stopped going so the kids don't notice we aren't stopping there!). BTW grocery stores sell the chlorinated burgers too. I'm so thankful we bought a cow from a small farm that grass fed him! We are instituting a meatless mondays. We have no meat on MOndays. It's not going to be all about beans either. We will have veggie pizzas, soup, fritatas, stir fry, and more. I'm pumped! Tonight it's going to be a meatless chili hmm or burritos. I can't decide. I would highly recommend everyone in this nation watch this movie. We need to be eating the way they do in other countries. You know the ones where they go to the market daily because everything they eat is fresh!!! To help us in this area we have a plan to have a good garden this year full of tomatoes, peas, lettuce, squash, etc. Using no pesticides! I'm looking into getting blueberry bushes as well. Hm maybe a raspberry bush too. Let's change the way we eat America. Maybe I'll even lose some weight. What a bonus that would be!

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