Friday, September 17, 2010

John's birthday gifts, my weight loss. I don't know how I tied these two together but I did!

I've got this great contraption on my ipod. It's the sparkpeople app. It keeps up with how many calories and fat grams I've eaten for the day. This little ipod has made it really easy to lose weight. When I get to 1400 calories I'm done for the day. Hence, the other day I ate chili cheese fries for breakfast and then a hot fudge shake for lunch and then I didn't eat again for the rest of the day. I made dinner for the family and didn't eat a bite. At this point I've lost about 20 lbs and am wanting to lose more. It's taken me 5 months to lose that weight but it's coming off and I'm not working out. I used to work out all the time. I really, really need to get back to working out! But the working out thing makes me hungrier. It's a catch 22 thing. There are apps for what to eat at restaurants. Unfortunately, I can't find where we're eating tonight on the apps. So I guess I'll have to get a salad.

Tomorrow is John's birthday and we're eating out with the family tonight to celebrate. It has become quite a treat and something to look forward to. I can't believe that my hubby is turning 41 and that means we've been together for 20 years, 17 of them married. Half our lives have been spent together. Wow!

I've been trying to think outside the box for birthday/Christmas gifts. Here's what I got John for his birthday, in addition to some techie thing he wanted. With this purchase a child will be fed in Uganda or Haiti for a week. I also bought this for myself. There are women in a tribe in Uganda that get paid to put these necklaces together and then once you purchase it, not only does the tribe get money a child in Uganda gets fed for a week! Wow! The gifts that keep on giving! Try giving a gift with a purpose.

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