Thursday, November 4, 2010

I used to be snarky and funny.

Where did that person go? I'm going to try to work on finding her again. Heavy things have happened but it's time to move on! I want my snarkiness back.

Moving on...For the first time in 11 years I'm not working. I'm supposed to be. But my job hasn't started yet. There have been setbacks for me starting. I believe caused by the new 9 week report card delaying students getting referred. Here I sit. Waiting patiently. I'm loving my daughter being in school 4, count them 4 days per week. My house is clean and I'm cooking more than I ever have. Trying out new recipes has become a new hobby. I'm so sick of cooking the same things over and over again. I'm loving being the mom that's home when the kids need me. Today, we came into the house and I immediately began to make rice crispies. Now, we're patiently waiting for them to cool. I love days like today when I can just clean in the quiet of my thoughts. Next year my baby goes to kindergarden. I'm so excited. We, as a family, will get a raise when that happens. We'll have extra money! Yay! What must that be like?

Some people were born to be powerful working women. I believe that I was born to be a teacher to my children and a mom. Will I ever work outside the home again? Yes, but probably not until they are all grown and gone. I, so love getting up and making them breakfast while seeing them off to school. Do I get bored? Absolutely! But that's what God made books for. :)

Well time to cut the crispies. My daughter just told me that these were the best rice crispies ever! Love her!!

Thursday has become my new favorite day of the week. I get to go dancing. It's a wonderful way to get a workout in and  it lasts almost 2 hours. Tonight I get to dance. I must get off the computer now and go make dinner so I'm ready to go. Fun times will be had!

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