Thursday, December 9, 2010

Benefits to working at home...

Well it's 8:30 and I'm about to start my job. So far today I've made my daughter and I breakfast, made her lunch, started a load of clothes, scrubbed the bathtub, thought about dinner, let the dog in and out a million times, got the boys off to school, had a shower and brushed my teeth. My meeting starts at 9am. I will be in my comfy track pants and tshirt drinking a diet coke while I attend this meeting. My hair will still be wet and I will have no make up on! lol LOVE IT! So excited to start my new job. Another benefit of working at home is smelling all the dog farts. What the heck? All morning long...really?? What has this dog been eating?

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  1. The dog farts are to help you stay mentally alert. Think of it as smelling salts for the brain :)


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