Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Country Christmas Friends

We have had a wonderful week. There was cookies bakin, bread risin, pies bakin and things being dipped in chocolate.  The kids and I had Christmas music on and we danced and cooked all week. I truly have loved this week. The list of items made: strawberry and cherry pie, coconut cake, sourdough bread, lemon tea cookies, sugar cookies, pretzels dipped in chocolate and the normal lunch/dinner stuff.  I think it's safe to say that I am going to have a sourdough starter going at all times. What yummy bread!

Tonight we will be wrapping presents like gingerbread men without heads! We've not started that yet. Today we went to our land and walked it. Ten acres straight up and back down let's just say my thighs are going to be hurting tomorrow. Plotting our dream home and trying to be patient waiting on this market to turn around so we can begin the process. There's huge persimmon trees and walnut trees on the land. I see myself making persimmon jams very soon. Persimmons taste like an apricot, peach and orange all in one. It is soooo yummy! At the library this past month I bought a book on canning and preserving from the 1970's. Wow they used every piece of everything. It is impressive all the things they canned. Watermelon rind? Pickled okra? Yikes. Cranberry preserves...yummo~. I need a farmhouse with chickens and a garden and I'd be set. I asked my hubby if he should have married a lawyer instead of this mom who just wants to work part time and make bread. His answer was I did didn't I? Clearly he needs help (but he sure does love the bread!).

Have I mentioned I have the best neighbors here? After returning from the land we found homemade treats and a big santa on our porch. My neighbors love us and we love them.That will be the one thing I miss about my house now. My neighbors and my neighborhood. All the kids play outside, nerf wars break out weekly as well as night time games of hide and go seek. The kids have a cool life here.

On the land they will have many acres to run and play. A swimming pool to laze the summer days away. Snickers, our chocolate lab, had so much fun running along side us as we looked at the land today. It has an amazing view. I gotta put my checked apron on and better get back to cooking. Merry Christmas my friends. I love you all and pray you have a safe and happy holiday!

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  1. You have been busy!! Sounds absolutely delicious!! Wishing you and the family a very happy christmas! Love you guys :)


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