Thursday, March 31, 2011

I've always been a bit crunchier than most...

my mom was always the recyclin, save the environment, hug a tree peace lovin mom. Some of that had no choice but to rub off on me. So, with my first child I was a full time teaching mama. My hearts desire has always been to be at home. When I finally talked my hubby into it my baby was 2. I disposable diapered my sweet boy. He is just fine too. We wanted a bigger family. So we began to try to have another baby. Little did I know it would take us 3 years to get another one here. With N on his way we were a one income family. I had no choice but to quit my job to get the next baby here. (Full time bed rest is not as glamorous as one might think.)

So after much thought and research we decided to cloth diaper my new baby. Gosh, new babies in cloth diapers are the absolute cutest things! Not only did I cloth diaper this one. I also fell in love with baby wearing. You could get so much done with a new baby resting on you. Instead of crying they feel all warm and snuggly and relaxed while you make dinner. Loved my ergo riding, cloth diaper wearing babies.

Before I had 3 kids I was recycling anything and everything. Hmm now the only thing that seems to get recycled is the items I no longer want and send it to goodwill. (Hey, don't judge me...that's a lot of clutter I got rid of in the last year). :)

Hmm maybe I can do better with this. If I can give up facebook for 40 days I can surely do anything. Try to give up something you love for 40 days. It seems so hard and is so much easier than I thought it would be. Maybe I'm not as addicted as I once was. Yeah and maybe the pig really can fly...

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  1. I know pigs can fly - I just saw one buzz over my backyard this morning ;)


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