Monday, May 9, 2011

I want to share something very dear to my heart...

being a mom is amazing. Being the mom of a sweet asian girl is so fun. Did you know that there are 147 million orphans in this world? Did you know that if the body of the church took in the foster children in this country there'd be no need for foster care? Orphans and children who need a place to rest their head hurt my heart. I still struggle with wanting to do foster care or adoption. I've just not taken that first step. Maybe it's time.

These ladies at are doing an awe inspiring job changing the world one child at a time. I would love for you to go to their site and check out their amazing merchandise. They have cool shirts, necklaces, etc. Every purchase helps. Here's how it helps: (straight from 147 website)

**Helping FEED children in Uganda, Haiti, Honduras, China and Ethiopia with each product purchased (Donating 50%+)
**Educating and encouraging families about the HIV+/Aids crisis along with financially supporting several ministries that care for these children.
**Offering Adoptive Families wholesale products to sell (100% profit from fundraising for families)
**Helping Local African Refugees earn a sustainable income from handmade products
**Working with Ugandan women in Africa on sustainable income from their handmade necklaces
**Encouraging other adoptive families on their journey
**Partnering with churches to help grow their Orphan/Adoption Ministry
**Speaking Up For Those Who Do Not Have a Voice

Who knew buying a shirt could help a family/child in another country? I just love the reason this was started. Now let's go out there and touch lives and contemplate what little ways we can help. :)

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  1. These soundsl like wonderful groups! Everyone needs a good home. Stopping from Mom Loop!


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