Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Simple Living...

My life is spent cleaning out what we have. Does that mean we have too much? Could that mean that we are going through a stage where we need to get rid of things? I believe 100% in the simple living philosophy of life. Now we're just trying to implement and follow it. Simple living to me means less stuff, less consumerism, less tv and less of a lot of things. We have spent the last year getting rid of things we don't use. For example, the salad bowl we got when we first got married and yet we've never used it. Gone! Clothes..What good are a bunch of clothes that you haven't worn in a year and have no plans to wear. Get rid of it. My friend said I shouldn't have gotten rid of all those clothes (it was my fault I was complaining that I had nothing to wear). But here's the thing...I still wouldn't have worn those clothes had I had them. So why keep them?

Everyone goes through phases in their life. When I was younger I had the depression mentality. Hang on to everything you never know when you might need it. Um, if you need it, it will come around again. The next phase of my life is getting rid of emotional baggage. I expect that to take a lot longer than a year. lol But it will be so much better in the long run. Now how do I pay for a psychiatrist on retainer...maybe a reality show? Hmm I'm not a hoarder, or an extreme couponer, nor do I sleep with a hairdryer...what to do. Well, time for me to go. I need to get rid of my daughter. What are you people thinking? I'm taking her to school of course!


  1. We recently moved and have been doing a lot of cleaning house. As much as I got rid of as we moved out of one house, there was still much more. Fortunately someone recommended a charity that accepts donations and they even picked up! I cleared out an entire closet of boxes. Emotional baggage is another topic entirely, but I have been working on that too. Best of luck! And thanks for stopping by the Yankee Texan Mom

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  3. I have been doing this for a good year now. I am older than you, at a point in my life where I know when I am gone all my things will be just thrown out anyway. We both have a son each, so they won't want my stuff. So I am presently getting rid of it all.


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