Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cloth diapering tips from the trenches...

How cute is that diaper???

I cloth diapered my last two babies and I loved it. We began it out of necessity and continued it out of loving not having to run to the store when I was out of diapers or wipes. Here's some tips I used to give my cloth diaperstore customers on how to buy cloth dipes.

I would not buy a lot of anything. I would buy 5 that you want to try and try them first. What you think you will love you may not like as well as xxx. Also sometimes certain diapers will fit better on different babies.

I would not buy anything size xsmall. If you're going for one size know that they did not fit newborns when I was in the biz. They almost don't fit til around 13lbs. But once you get them in there it's great. I would get a bum genius one size, fb one size, an all in one and maybe even a few prefolds and a cover. I loved my fb and bg. But I also loved the simplicity of a prefold. If you were having more babies I would get prefolds and covers for the nb period because the prefolds can then be used as doublers in the one size diapers.

If you are doing cloth diapers do cloth wipes so you don't have to pick wipes out of your washer when you forget to take them out...and trust me you will forget. :)

The diaper laundry you end up doing adds about two loads to your week. If you get the shower sprayer (mini-shower was the one I sold and loved) than you just spray them off and put them in the diaperpail in the laundry room til your ready. Then I rinsed them first. Then washed in warm water and dried in the dryer. My covers I did line dry. It is so easy and your wallet and the environment will thank you. Did you know that a disposable diaper will last 500 years in a landfill? Oh and a hotdog will last 7 years in the landfill....gross. :) Brought to you by useless tips you never wanted to know...you are welcome!

I can't think of anything else. It's a great way to save money and not that much work. I know it's weird to say but diaper laundry folding was my favorite load. lol If you end up cloth diapering you'll understand. Cloth diapering is frugal and simple living at it's finest. It's also fun!:) Good luck friends.

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