Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dealing with cancer again...

my dad, the man with 9 lives, has cancer again. We think it's in stage 2 and he will begin chemo and radiation next week. We are feeling pretty good about him beating this one as well. I, will always worry when he has surgery, but do believe this will not be what ends his life. We are taking this one step at a time. Yesterday he had a pet scan. Today he meets with his kidney doctor to make sure his kidneys are doing their job. Then Monday the craziness begins. I'm glad that I can be there to shuffle him around to appointments. I can't imagine having to do all this with 3 kids and work full time. I know it can be done I'm just grateful I don't have to do it.

Here's my thought for the day and a great way to start everyday, in my humble opinion.

Sting Brand New Day

Prayers are always welcomed and cherished. One more stumbling block that we will overcome. Look, I made a post that had nothing to do with food. Last night for dinner we ....

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