Tuesday, April 26, 2011

High school class picks and children not cleaning their room...

How is it possible that I am going through my son's schedule for high school? Wasn't I just in high school? Where does the time go? I'm so excited for him. The school has helped him pick honors and advanced honors classes. He's picked orchestra and criminal justice pathways. The next thing I know he'll be driving and then in college. Wow. I love my son. He makes me so proud. All my children do.  Well except for one...

lol. I am just kidding. My lovely daughter is having a fight with her room. It's been going on for a few days now. She doesn't want to clean it. So, if we tell her to, she goes into her room and sleeps. OK, well no tv until your room is cleaned. So, then she proceeds to draw, color, play outside and swing. What am I going to do to get her to clean? She has told me on numerous occasions that she wants her toys all gone. She would rather not have toys than have to keep her room clean. Really? Wow. Now this same child works her tail off on the day we went and cut the hedge down at my mom's house and hauled it to the street. This took quite a few hours and she was on it. I guess she does better at doing one thing and knowing what to do than having to do lots of little things and make decisions. She cracks me up. She is in her room right now just sitting in the floor. Le sigh. How do you motivate your children to clean their rooms?

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