Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Earth Day! 10 little things you can do to live a tiny bit greener:

1. Don't take a receipt at the gas station. We use so much paper and it's not always necessary. I mean, really, are you going to return the gas?

2. Buy reusable cups and make your coffee/drinks at home to take with you, she says drinking her iced coffee in a bpa free cup with straw bought at Ross for 3.99. Love it!

3. Use the cfc bulbs. Pretty soon you will not be able to get the other ones so go on and begin changing over.

4. Use a timer on your heating and a/c to turn it down at night when everyone is sleeping.

5. Read your books from the library or on your kindle/ipod/ipad/etc. Then pass them on to friends.

6. Take your own bags to the store or if you're not getting much do not take a bag.

7. Do not purchase paper towels. We waste so much just drying our hands off. Use a kitchen towel or hand towel...that's what they were made for.

8. Grow your own veggies. Every year we garden. It's not much usually. Tomatoes, okra, peas, beans, broccoli, cilantro, etc. But it saves you many trips to the store and it saves you money! Tomatoes are so expensive and we love them all summer long. I should have a tomato plant going indoors all through winter!

9.If you have a baby use cloth diapers. If I ever get a grandbaby that will be the first thing I buy. Gosh, they are so stinkin cute.

10. Walk or ride your bike to places within a mile of your house. We are trying to do better about this with the grocery store down the road. There is no reason for us to drive. We should be using our legs to get exercise and do something good for our waistline.If you're not willing to walk/ride than it is really necessary to go? Wait til you're out another day.

What kind of things do you do that I've not thought of? Share here!

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  1. Fantastic list!

    For #1, I would add that there is BPA in receipts so anytime you can get away with not taking a receipt, you're saving yourself some chemical exposure :-)

    Thanks for linking up at Green & Natural Mamas Thursday! Hope to see you back next week :-)

    P.S. I'm now following you on FB and GFC!


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