Thursday, May 12, 2011

End of the school year stress...

every year it begins on May 1st. The end of the year is so stressful. We have one strings concert to attend, at least one graduation (this year two on the same night at the same time), a play to attend and a musical. Whew! I love my children so much but this time of the year stresses me out.

The play is tonight and the two graduations are the last week of May. I'm sad that my 8th grader and my preschooler graduate on the same night. I am going to the preschooler's graduation and my dh is going to the 8th graders. I want so badly to be at the 8th graders too! Sigh.

My boys are going to DC next week with the school. They are going to have such a great time! I'm excited for them. The strings concert this year was amazing and it was B's last year in strings at his school. Next year he's in high school. Then it will be one in K, one in 3rd and a high schooler. So proud of all 3 of my children. They are amazing and the most fun people to be around. Thank you God for my blessings!!

Any tips for handling the stress and activities of the end of the year?

I'm so ready for summer and the beach! :)

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