Thursday, May 5, 2011

Walked to the store with

my girl yesterday. It was such a beautiful day. We had a few things to get. We had a great walk there, when we carried nothing but empty backpacks. She talks the entire time we walk. I'm not sure even she knows what she's talking about. It took us forever to get home (not because of the incessant talking). She had the lightest backpack, but, she wore a shirt with no sleeves. So, the backpack hurt her shoulders. It's a mile there and a mile back. She did great the first mile. The second mile we had to stop at least 4 times. lol She's a trooper though. She kept on going. We're doing this for two reasons. One is for more exercise. 10000 steps is a lot of walking. I'm hoping 2000 steps per mile (fingers crossed, don't tell me any different...I'm short...I take more steps than it! The second is that even a mile saves gas. What a ridiculous amount of money we spend on gas these days. Hopefully it will start going in the opposite direction now. Have you found some small way to increase your steps/exercise?

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  1. I have been walking more since I had my baratric surgery. I thought I would start walking in the mornings. Like your daughter, Andrew did well the first mile, but the second was not so good!


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