Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10 Ways to Identify the Parent of a Toddler

I want to thank Dina for allowing me to take up some space on her wonderful site! As I was trying to decide on a topic, I ran across someone’s blog that posted her top ten ways to identify a parent of a toddler. I thought it would be fun to compile my own list, although narrowing it down to only ten was difficult. So below, are my ten indicators that someone is a parent of a toddler.

1. You have caught yourself licking a finger(s) in preparation of wiping a food stain of someone’s face or to flatten the ever annoying “cowlick.”
2. You can recite an entire children’s book, verbatim, without having to actually open the book.
3. You find yourself snacking and sometimes even craving some of the “Lil Graduates” snacks.
4. You catch yourself congratulating a friend for “using the potty like a big girl.”
5. You have a (secret) favorite member of The Wiggles.
6. You have caught yourself saying “let me have your boogie.”
7. Your DVR is filled up with Sprout and Disney programs
8. You pack over two suitcases for a weekend trip.
9. Your weekend itinerary revolves around a (your) nap schedule.
10. You’ve caught yourself pouring your adult beverage into a Sippy cup.

Show of hands, how many of you could agree with at least one of the ten indicators? That’s what I thought! So don’t judge me when I grab my Sippy cup of wine and a bowl of banana puffs and curl up to watch The Wiggles before reciting Roar of a Snore and drifting off to sleep. And don’t bother calling between the hours of one and three P.M. on the weekends, I won’t be available. 

Brittany is a single mother and full time Certified Nursing Assistant. She adores the men in her life, her three year old son and 80 year old patient. She blogs over at Changing Diapers and Taking Names about finding herself between toddlers and elders.

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