Thursday, October 27, 2011

Family Saved from Fire By Crying Doll

Article first published as Family Saved from Fire by Crying Doll on Technorati. The Deason family's house was on fire. It was dead of night and everyone was sleeping. No smoke detectors going off...they had them but for some reason they weren't working. (Please check your smoke detectors tonight). The daughter's high school project saved them. The Lavergne, Tennessee family is thankful to their daughters teacher and a baby doll.

 The doll is programmed to cry at certain times. The crying doll woke their daughter who got up to take care of it and realised their house was on fire. She managed to get her family out safely. She even got the doll and the dog out. The entire family was saved by the crying of this toy doll. The doll teaches teenagers how much responsibility it is to be a parent. Was the lesson in the taking care of the baby or was the message sent with the baby? Either way the house was a total loss but the family is healthy and happy to be alive. Divine intervention? The family most definitely thinks that baby was there for a reason. What an amazing story. Click here to see the video story.

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