Thursday, October 20, 2011

Being a short person stinks...

what makes me say that? Well, I'm 5'1 and my hubby is 6'2 for one. For another, I walk around grocery stores with kitty litter buckets. Kitty Litter,that I will never buy, so I can reach what is on the top shelf. I even bought these beautiful shoes:

They are so dang cute! 3 inch heels and they were only $16! I love them! Can I walk in them? Not so much. However, as my dh says, you can wear them to my Christmas party. Um, yeah, I can but I'll need a walker or 2 canes to get anywhere. Then, once there I must be immediately seated. Never to have to get up until it is time to leave.

I used to wear shorter heels all the time. Then I had kids and got rid of them all. It's been flip flop city here for, um, 10 years. Now I'm back to wanting to feel pretty again. I've decided it's time to get back to being me. I love heels! Ladies, if you are feeling frumpy, there is nothing like a pair of heels to make you feel sexy again! Go get some! I know some of you are thinking, I don't need heels. No, you don't. I do! Although I think I am going to need to work on walking in them. And the fact that they will only make me 5'4 doesn't really do much for my height does it? lol Heels=feeling pretty! Think about it ladies. It takes so little to make us feel like a lady.


  1. Ha Ha! I an so relate! I'm 5' 1 1/2" (yes, that half inch matters when you're short!) and my husband is 6' 2". I sucks trying to look up in his eyes without getting a crink in your neck. I'm a master of getting things off high shelves at the grocery store - I climb. Yes, almost 37 and I am climbing shelves like my toddler. Hard to tell the kids not to when you do it yourself...

  2. Well, being an amazon has its drawbacks too. Nothing is ever long enough. If I wear heels then I tower over my husband.

    My daughter and I tried on "hooker heels" at the store the other was fun, we had a good laugh and were thankful we got down without breaking

  3. me too One Mommy~i never buy kitty litter just use the buckets to reach the top shelf. Good Point Momof4! I wouldn't know as I've never had that problem. I'm constantly asking my dh to get things down from the cabinet for me! :) LOL

  4. I forgot to mention I am 6'and a half inch tall.

  5. Love this post! I'm stopping by to follow you and say congrats on your featured member status on vB!

  6. I'm squarely in the lower middle. I'm 5' 8.5", but for a guy, thats smaller. I started playing soccer again after 20 years and it just reminded me that I'm basically shorter than everyone else on the field. And 20 years later, I don't have the speed to get around the big guys I used to. Funny post.
    Visiting a fellow VB Featured Member.


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