Monday, July 25, 2011

Call the firemen...

hold on...don't call yet. I don't have my good jeans on. :P (thank you Mrs. Dunphy) Well, it appears that Mandi of Smile and Mama With Me , (shout out...Hi Mandi!}. Where was I? Oh, Mandi has deemed that my blog is on fire! It's a hot award for the blogging community and no, please don't call 911.

So, to be so honored I now must try to think of 7 things I've not already told you. Oh boy, what could it be? We'll be here all night. Sigh. I'll give it a try.

1. This is the second website I've owned/built. The first one I sold and it's doing pretty well.

2. I used to hate to cook and I really enjoy it now.

3. My hubby and I had a great honeymoon. We went to Puerto Rico, St. John USVI, and the Bahamas. It was beautiful. We planned on doing something fabulous for our 10 year anniversary and once you start having kids there is no more money for anything else.

4. Some of my hubby's OCD has rubbed off on me. Things that didn't used to bother me, now do. (all things that bother him, see the connection). LOL

5. I have taught off and on in some capacity for 20 years and am ready to do other things.

6. I'm cutting down on the meat we eat. I'm not saying I'll be a vegetarian, but, I try to have meat at only one meal per day.

7. All summer long I have gotten up at 5:45ish A.M. to walk so that I keep a regular sleep schedule. It's worked great all summer long!

Ok, I hope I managed to give you different things this time. Here's my turn to award this award to other blogs I deemed as "blogs on fire".

1. Flip Flops and Pearls

2. A Magnolia Heart

3. A Common Sense Approach

4. I Am All ATwitter About Life

5. Me, You and Creamed Corn

Hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I have! Happy blog reading today.

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