Friday, July 29, 2011

Find out how I became Mom of the Year!

On the first day of football practice, my son who was doing so well, fell wrong on his arm. He's a bit on the dramatic side so we didn't think too much about it (theater camp and all). The next day he's still being cautious with that arm. Finally, my dh reaches over and squeezes his wrist lightly and he lost it crying. Crap! We're such good parents. I made an appointment and took him to the doctor. They sent us for an xray and sure enough he's fractured his wrist. Just go ahead and nominate us for parents of the year. We will win! lol They sent us to an orthopedic dr (remember when they used to do casting in normal doctors offices). He has a pretty blue waterproof cast (we went to the lake and swam today, I mean, how freaking cool is that?) He's very proud. You know a cast is cool in the 3rd grade. He says, "I had braces and a cast and no one has had that!" lol Silly boy.

After much thought we decided to pull them both from football and cheerleading. It would have been so nice to have them both in something at the same place. We are going to continue with karate and look at maybe gymnastics after his arm heals. Any mommy moments you're proud of like this one? Come on, don't leave me hanging and feeling alone!

Here's the post where I talked about how excited they were to start football and cheerleading.

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