Thursday, July 28, 2011

Review of the book: Too Rich For A Bride by Mona Hodgson

Mona Hodgson wrote a sweet yet realistic version of a love story that takes place in the 1890's. She writes about what life was like for a woman back then. How women weren't always respected or allowed to voice an opinion. However, she has her heroine be an assertive yet sweet lady. Ida Sinclair, the main character, is a business lady trying to make it in the man's world. This book addresses how she dealt with the sexism from trying to be a lady in a man's business. Ida manages to stand up for herself and maintain her dignity. She falls in love with two men. One a preacher and the other a respected businessman. Who will she choose? Mona manages to keep us in suspense right up until the end.

She does a nice job developing the characters, showing us the scenery and telling us the story. I loved that Ida was an assertive woman. Mona is a Christian author and that is a substory line. She does a nice job blending the Christianity into the story. It was a pleasant way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Check it out and read it for yourself. I think you will find you are a Mona Hodgson fan!


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