Friday, July 1, 2011

Living in Tornado Alley

picture courtesy of : NorCal Blogs. Living in Tornado Alley gets old. Tornadoes are one of the scariest things you could ever go through. We have at least 10 close calls a year and somehow we have been spared so far. This past April we have had some of the worst weather I have ever seen. You might ask, how can you find anything funny about this weather we are having? You have to find humor in the hard things in life.

This just came to me as the weather people kept interrupting us with our weather warnings at every commercial. This would be a hilarious skit for SNL about the weather people on the tv constantly screaming warnings at us.... First scene: weather person looking fresh and talking about the impending doom with a beautiful smile on her face. Second scene: hair a little bit frazzled, eyes getting wider, smile dropping, discussing who needs to take shelter. Third scene: hair more frazzled, eyes bigger, bags under eyes, words not making sense (now we return you to The Voices instead of the Voice, and yes one of them did this), clothes askew telling everyone to get to their safe place right away. Fourth scene: hair completely messed up, eyes so big, looking so much older, bags under eyes, makeup running down their face (they've been up all night at this point) telling everyone not to bother they're all going to die (insert papers flying around in studio and people trying to hold on to cameras.) Imagine Kristin Wiig doing this and saying just kidding after each and every prediction.

I've lived in Tennessee and we've always had tornadoes. They are becoming much more frequent and causing so much more damage. I know how bad they are and am glad we can find something to laugh about while we while away for hours on end in a closet or bathroom in the house. Five people in one bathroom is just plain cruel. Now let's hurry tornado season along, please.

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  1. We moved to TN 12 yrs ago and have been through 3 tornadoes. Remember when tornado alley was further west?


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