Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

What a lovely day for a canoe/kayak on the lake. It's so hot here that this is about the only way to stay cool. It will be in the 100's again today! Sweet ducks swimming on the lake to keep their feathers cool. Although the geese kept chasing us if we got too close to their babies, never mind that the babies were on the way to the lake. Mean, honking Stay cool friends.


  1. we're getting ready to relocate soon, and we're thinking Pegram/Kingston Springs would be great so we could float on the Harpeth every weekend! :)

  2. that would be a great place to live and kayak! :)

  3. I have always loved canoes, although I'm not great at it, I'm a better passsenger :-) But I sure do love gliding through the water, so peaceful.

    I hope you stay cool, here in CA it's been nearly 80 degrees and I must say that I am not a fan of the heat (a wee bit spoiled by the southern CA weather I must admit).

    New follower from VB, so glad to meet you.

    Stacey @

  4. aaww..! Summer bash is on! Visiting from WW.

    Here is my WW clicks.

  5. looks like fun---been a while for me =) Last trip was a bit choppy....
    stopping in with members to rember at vB =0)

  6. This makes me think of my Dad. He was an avid canoe guy. Had his own that he took with him all the way to Alaska on a trip. Thanks for sharing this. Have a great weekend.


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