Friday, August 12, 2011

Quick and easy Crockpot Pork

Pic courtesy of HEB store.

On Tuesday of this week when I was still without an oven I made a huge 9lb pork shoulder. It was so big that the lid of the crockpot was askew until it was able to cook down a bit. Once it cooked all day I decided to turn it into a reuben sandwich. OMGosh it was such a good and easy recipe! I put sauerkraut on the stove heating in a separate pan added it to the sandwich and added thousand island dressing on top of the sauerkraut on the pork on the bun. It was so good. (so good I'm thinking I may have it for breakfast today! lol). I didn't even add anything to the pork or the crockpot (not even water because of how fat the pork shoulder is). I hope you enjoy and try this recipe. Happy crockpot-ing friends. :)


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