Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Registering children for School (my not so wordless Wednesday)

Well, it's that time of year. Can you smell the school supplies in the air? I love the smell of new clothes in the morning. This year I have one beginning kindergarten, one in 3rd grade and one starting high school (really think I should have planned my kids better, of course it wasn't my plan but God's). How is that possible all my kids will be in school? It really seems like yesterday I brought him home from the hospital wrapped in a blanket. I laid him in his cradle and awoke in the middle of the night to him crying from the cold. Now he's beginning his high school career. It goes by so fast.

My 3rd grader gets to go back to school in a cast. He has a fractured wrist from football practice. My sweet boy. :) And lastly my daughter. Wasn't it just yesterday I was boarding a plane to Detroit to pick her up from customs? It took her 2.5 hours to get through customs and immigration. We were so excited when she finally came out. She slept on the plane ride home and in the car ride to the house. We had just a few friends here when we got home that day. And of course my mom and my brother. She's such a sweet girl. She has 2 friends from preschool in her class. It will be so good for her (and I) to have her in school 5 days a week. Even though it is a bittersweet time I am ready for it. Happy school days kids! I will love and miss you everyday while you are at school. It will make me appreciate you so much more. :) Have a great year friends.


  1. They grow too fast. I never understood that until I had kids. I look at my daughter and wonder how she will be starting preschool.

  2. It seems like yesterday I was registering my son for preschool and having anxiety about leaving him there. Time does fly!


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