Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Today I am about to go and sit at the hospital hoping my dad does well at his cancer surgery again. I'm thankful that I've had 2 more years with him than I thought I was going too. I pray he does well and I get to bring him home on Saturday. If I don't post much these next few days that's why. Here's the rest of my Thankful list.

I'm thankful:
that my son has a good attitude about a new school
that my son isn't complaining about it (what a trooper)
that my youngest 2 have good teachers this year
that I am able to take them to and from school without having to worry about who will be there for them when they get home. I know it will be me!
I'm thankful for being a sahm and my dh not complaining about it and letting me with a great attitude.
that all bills are paid and food is on the table
that my crazy dog is here all day to keep me company
that I made fudge last night and it's so good
my children are healthy and happy and all in school (mostly the all in school part! Does that make me a bad mom? lol! :)

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  1. I love Thankful Thursday posts! Just about to write mine now...
    I'm glad you have had more time with your father. I hope his surgery goes well.
    I don't think being glad that your kids are in school is a bad thing-part of me is glad mine is starting preschool this year...


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