Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Forks over Knives

well I've been semi vegetarian for a few years now. My dh made the mistake of showing me that this movie, Forks over Knives, was on netflix. You can't ignore this movie or it's message. It was jaw dropping in a way that Food Inc, Fast Food Nation and Skinny Bitches was for me. My dh said after watching that movie that he wished he would have said, "no, we will watch a comedy." Well we didn't. So, today my job is to search and find good vegan meals that the entire family will eat. I'm not saying we will end up cutting meat out entirely. However, the fact that meat puts your body in a state of acidosis makes me ponder why I would eat meat. I struck a deal with my dh that we only eat meat 2-3 nights per week...if that. I have enough inflammation in my body that I don't need meat causing more.

The movie is thought provoking in a mind blowing, your body can heal itself with food not chemo, kind of way. (PS I'm not telling anyone to not take chemo, just explore your options and know your facts). If you have netflix I'd check this movie out. I'd also watch the other ones I mentioned too. Fast Food Nation and Skinny Bitches are both books and well worth a read. If you see what meat does to your body you will decide you have to make some kind of change. Even if it's like me and you go semi-vegetarian in that you try to cut way down on meat, you are doing yourself, the earth and your body a favor.

Check them out and see for yourself. Then come tell me what you think!

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