Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Here I sit crying again...

it's like I'm right back there at 9/11. I was running a small home daycare and having a good day. The kids were playing with cars and trikes and riding all over the yard. Then I got the phone call. It made me want to send them all home, curl up in my house and not ever leave. I didn't know a soul on any of those planes or in the WTC. But it didn't matter. To this day it's hard to think about and not cry. The grief I feel can't even compare to the loved ones that lost someone. I can't even imagine how those that had family and friends in NY and on those planes that day must feel. It's just mind boggling and soul crushing.

I went into the house with the children and for the first time parked them in front of cartoons. I then went into the kitchen and watched it on my small tv for the rest of the day. Somehow I made it through lunch, nap and pick up. The children had no idea what was going on. I knew they wouldn't understand it so I tried to protect them as much as possible.

I'm so thankful as the 10 years have past that healing has happened. I only pray that the ones that were affected by it (families, fireman/police/ambulance workers, and anyone else that was near there) have experienced some healing too. It's going to be a rough weekend. But as Americans, we can get through this!

Whew. We're going to need more kleenex for the weekend! Praying for continued healing and less grief as the years go by for these families directly affected by the 9/11 tragedy.


  1. As I sat listening to the broadcasts, one thing kept coming to my mind...I was so grateful that God is in charge and not the terrorists. I cried, worried and even got mad, but deep down i knew we were all in His care.

  2. I pray they have experienced some healing, too. You are right, it will be a hard week, but as a country I believe we can get through it.


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