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Watch Your Weight Now, Don’t Put It Off Until The New Year

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Watch Your Weight Now, Don’t Put It Off Until The New Year

The holidays will be here before you know it. That means lots of goodies and treats coming along with those extra holiday pounds! I am following the weight watchers plan right now so those “holiday extra pounds” won’t affect me as bad. Lots of people say, Halloween is almost here, I’ll eat candy and then I’ll start my diet. Oops, it’s Thanksgiving now, can’t start my diet yet. Well, Christmas is the season to be jolly and that comes along with holiday treats, so that will be my New Year’s Resolution.

It is very important not to keep putting this off and just do it! Start watching your weight now and it won’t affect you as bad when you start making that Christmas Fudge. Yes, I LOVE peanut butter fudge and make it every year, but I have to watch my weight and not go overboard. I have learned only to make this fudge when company is coming, that way I have to share and can’t eat it all myself! Every year I put on additional pounds, but this year I am ahead of the game and am losing weight now instead of putting it off. Weight watchers allows me to eat what I want without starving myself. I have learned how to use portion control and which foods to chose while at restaurants or the grocery.

Portion control can be put into force by bagging up your snacks in snack size baggies. For example, I will bag up grapes, and pretzels in the snack bags. The grapes can be easily grabbed from the fridge and the pretzels are set in a bowl on the counter for easy pickup. By reading the nutritional guide on the side of the box / bag you can find portion sizes for your favorite snacks. I bag up miniature marshmallows, goldfish, and animal crackers. If I am running out the door it is very easy to grab one of these bags. Face it, if you are in a hurry, are you really going to take the time to count out 17 mini marshmallows?

Get started on portion control by picking up some snack bags, stock up on some frozen Smart Ones / Lean Cuisine meals and a kitchen scale for measuring out portions from food labels such as meat products that can’t be easily counted. While at restaurants, order kids meals if that is allowed. After you’ve made it through the first few days, it will be easier and you won’t find yourself feeling as hungry. You can do it! For weekly motivation, read my Weight Watchers Weekly Journal dedicated to a Christmas Party Dress. I also post my diet update every Monday on

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