Sunday, September 25, 2011

My friends are so happy with their Straight Talk phones!

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They changed carriers a few months back and all of the family got new phones with Straight Talk. They talked to me the other day and this is what stood out to me. They are saving about half of what they're bill was with their previous carrier. That's quite a chunk that they are now putting into their savings account for a rainy day! While listening to them talk they had me Hook, line and sinker! What could you do with the amount of money you could save? Save it, use it for breathing room or just pay off another bill.


They went with the All You Need plan that has 1000 minutes of talk, 1000 texts and 30 mb of web data. It really is Everything you need. Unlimited plans are $45/month or $499/year.  My friend's sister lives out of the country and she's able to call her regularly from her home, cell or office at very low rates! Such a great value when you have family out of the country. Make sure you don't forget to Call a friend.


Why would you be on a contract when with this company you have free 411, free nationwide calling, no credit checks, no activation or termination fees and absolutely no surprise bills. They have great choices of phones for you to choose from. You can get Android on Straight Talk, as well as LG, Motorola, Nokia and Samsung. Basically all the phone brands you trust. You can get a reconditioned phone for $10. Their reconditioned phones have mp3, web, Bluetooth, camera, video camera, smart phones, touch screen and navigation. These are all the phones that teenagers want! My friends got one for their son who is 13. They are happy that their bill will not change unexpectedly. That was a definite worry with a teenager. 

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