Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I am...I mean...I was a diet soda addict

loved it. Couldn't get enough. Noticed I hadn't been feeling well. Happened upon an article here: What does sugar free mean? I noticed, as I was reading this, that I had been feeling nauseous quite a bit. If I wasn't nauseous I was tired and sleepy. As I read this, I realized that more than likely I was feeling the affects of the sweetener in my drinks. I quickly cut them out. It's been a week and I did slip one time and have one.

As the article says, it's better to drink sugar than to have the artificial sweeteners. I used to sweeten everything with artificial sweeteners. Now, I will stick to less sugar. For the amount of sugar in one sugary soda I can drink tea all day with a half a cup of sugar per pitcher and get the same amount of calories. That's what I'm going to do. For the longest time, I was using artificial sweeteners to cut calories. Now I'm going to either have to increase my workouts or decrease my calories elsewhere. It doesn't matter though. I will do it gladly so I don't get the fake sweetener syndrome. Be sure you know what you are drinking.

Make sure you always do what's best for your body. It's the only body we get! My other option is to sweeten my drinks with stevia. Which I had tried but did not really care for. It's got a very powdery taste to me. So, I purchased plants thinking maybe that would help. Boiled stevia leaves and added it to my tea. Still not a big fan. I will keep trying and if I still don't like it then I will stick with my half a cup of sugar in a pitcher of tea. Do what works for you! I don't want to gain weight because I gave up diet drinks. I will do whatever I can to prevent that! I am trying to get healthier and this road will be a long one. Eating right, drinking right, exercising and getting enough sleep. All good ways to live a longer life by having a healthy lifestyle. What's one thing you've done to make a healthier you? I love to hear what others are doing so please share! :)


  1. Just bought a sonic unsweet raspberry iced tea and it is amazing for 10 calories! I have no idea how the calories are that low but um um good! :)

  2. I stay away from any artificial sweeteners. I've read different articles saying how dangerous they can be. I also stay away from fake butters. Yes, I have gained weight but I would rather be a little heavier than put what I consider to be chemicals in my body.


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