Tuesday, April 10, 2012

5 Tips to keep you healthy while trying to get pregnant

If you are thinking about getting pregnant then now is the time to get your body ready. You want to have the healthiest pregnancy you can.  To ensure a healthy body you need to require yourself to do the following things to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

1. Get your sleep. 8 hours each night is recommended so start getting that now. Once you are pregnant you will likely feel more tired then you do right now. Sleep is such a good way for your body to repair itself. Make sure you are getting more than enough sleep.

2. Focus on eating right. Cut out the processed food now. Processed foods are like chips, crackers, cakes, cookies and many other snack foods. Make sure you are eating your leafy greens (folic acid) and your dairy products (calcium). If you are not a fan of dairy find something else you can substitute so that you get large  amounts of calcium.

3. Start your prenatals now. You can never be too prepared and by going ahead and taking your prenatal vitamins you are laying the foundation for a healthy pregnancy. Vitamins and minerals are so important to your body when you are pregnant.

4. If you are exercising make sure you continue to exercise. If you're not exercising begin by walking. It's a great exercise that will not stress your body. Whatever you do contact your doctor to make sure you are healthy enough to exercise or continue to exercise.

5. Cut out your stress. If you are working a stressful job try to see if you can change positions. If you have stressful friends cut back the amount of time you spend with them. This is a time when you should focus on you. You are so important to the life of that soon to be baby. Take care of you!

If you are single and wanting a child you should think about an egg freeze. This will allow you to freeze your eggs while you are at a healthy phase of your life. Then later on when you are ready you can go ahead and try to get pregnant. If you are curious check out this article on how freezing eggs or IVF works.

This is a sponsored post for a reproductive company. All opinions are 100% my own.

This is not a doctors advice. Make sure you check with your doctor before you begin trying to conceive.