Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Moms of teenagers you need Txt. Pay. Go. @SmrterDriver #MurphyUSA

This week I began using a service that I think will greatly catch on. It's called Txt. Pay. Go. and it's used with Murphy USA. This is the only place where we get our gas. It is perfect for people who don't use credit cards or who have teen age drivers. See I don't want to give my teenager my credit card. I want him to be independent. Yet, I want to be semi in charge of what he buys.

With txt. pay. go I can put an amount in for him to go get gas. Then when he's ready he can go and get his gas and I don't have to be there for him to get it...nor is he using my credit card. It's a win/win situation for me. I can choose to let him get snacks and drinks or choose that he can only get gas. You can choose to let others get beer and cigarettes too. I think for now I will set him up for just gas only. Here's how you can get set up for txt.pay.go. and ease your mind while your teenager is fueling up.

First you go to the Murphy USA site and get it set up.

Then select sign up and begin the process.

Once signed up you will receive a welcome email and can verify your account. You can also change your settings here to allow them to buy snacks and drinks or only gas. Your choice. Click where it says verify my account.

The verification process deposits a tiny amount and then debits a tiny amount back out. You, then go to your bank account and put in what the deposit and credit was for your account and you are then verified. Once you've verified your account (can take up to one day) you are ready to txt.pay.go. 

On your iphone you can then download the Murphy USA app so that you can quickly txt. pay. go.

Once downloaded you can always be certain you are getting the cheapest price on gas for the day. When you go to the pump and you have chosen to txt. pay. go. you are guaranteed the lowest price for that day.

Then you select Pay with MurPay. 

Put in the amount you wish to spend. Click Submit.

You can see it then becomes a text and all you have to do is hit send. 

If you have not verified you'll get this text. So make sure you have verified your account first. Don't be like me. :) 

In the account settings is where you verify your bank account. Don't worry they will not use or charge your card if you don't get gas. The code is good for one day and it does not charge your bank account unless you use it and only for the amount you spent. So if you chose $30.00 and you only spend $22.33 then your account is charged $22.33. 

You can see my account is now active and I'm ready to get some gas. I can either use my iPhone or my Android phone. Or I can simply go to the website and click create a murpay code. 

Then put in an amount that you wish to spend at Murphy USA.

You are ready to go get gas. "This really is an excellent program" says the mom of a teenage boy who will be driving on his own in a few short months. How awesome that I can trust he is only getting gas and only for the amount I approve. I love this program. We will be getting a lot of use out of txt. pay. go. 

Now, when he goes to the store he will put in his one time use code and his cvn (customer verification number a four digit number that is always associated with your account like a PIN for your atm card). He will go to the cashier put in his code and his cvn and he's getting gas and on his way. Great tool for us parents! I'm very excited to be able to use this program with my son. Thank you Murphy USA for txt. pay. go. 

This is a sponsored post by Murphy USA for txt. pay. go. All opinions are 100% mine and are honest in my opinion of this program.