Monday, April 9, 2012

SodaStream review

I was so happy when Sodastream told me I could do a review for their product. So were my children. It was so easy a 15 year old can set it up and do it straight out of the box and right off the porch! When this box arrived my children were so excited they were jumping up and down waiting for it to come out of the box and make them some soda. I was busy making dinner and had no time to get it set up. Da da da daaaa my 15 year old to the rescue. He comes in takes it out of the box and gets it set up in less than 8 minutes. They pick out a flavor, orange, of course and he made their new soda.  This has turned out to be a big hit with my family and the kids (and especially their friends).

I love the fact that it makes one liter so I can control their portions. One liter of soda between 3 kids per day is plenty of soda (says their mother a tried and true soda addict). We have tried their root beer, lemon lime, ginger ale, orange, diet and the cola flavor so far. Most were a hit. I didn't care for the diet  and my son thought that the cola was just ok. Those were the only 2 flavors that weren't our favorite. We loved the root beer, orange, lemon lime and the ginger ale.

Sodastream is environmentally friendly and good for my wallet. Because I use my own water I'm not paying to transport water to the store and then to me. I reuse the 1 liter bottle over and over again so I'm not contributing to the landfill with lots of bottles or cans like I was before. If I can make soda at home why wouldn't I? To me it's a win win situation. I win with great tasting drinks and the environment wins because I'm bringing less cans and bottles into the house. Thank you Sodastream for allowing me the privilege of reviewing your product and loving it for my family.

I was given a Sodastream to review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.