Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil Review and #Giveaway

I was given a huge jar of Tropical Traditions Coconut oil to review. I love to cook but had no idea what to do with the oil. I found so many great uses. The one we tried first was I fried some pork chops in the oil and we had them for dinner with broccoli and corn. I very rarely fry foods but the fact that the Coconut oil is so good for you I decided to go ahead and do it. It was so good. My dh, who is so unbelievably picky, loved it. It gave it a mild but exotic flavor.

I then decided to make a yellow cake mix using the coconut oil and added some lemon juice and zest to the cake mix. Then added lemon juice and zest into a powdered sugar frosting and stirred. I drizzled it over the still warm cake. Oh my. What a delicious cake this was. I make lemon cakes all the time for my family. It is a way to enjoy cake and not put a heavy frosting on it. So in my own mind it's a healthier cake. The kids and adults both love it.

They gave me some invaluable links to use my coconut oil. Here's their recipes page for chicken. Chicken and here's a how to use the coconut oil video.

Now here's your chance to win the Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil for you to try on your own. Just enter the rafflecopter and here's luck for you to win!

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