Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Planting my cold vegetable garden.

Yeah right., I'll be fighting the weeds for sure. But that's ok. Planting my cold weather vegetables now. Here's the cold weather vegetables that I've planted so far:

lima beans


green beans






and carrots.

Above you see my terrible iPad camera! I've got broccoli and tomatoes here and you can see my kale growing like crazy in the top. If I have a night that dips below 32* I'll just bring out an old sheet and cover them to protect the baby plants from freezing.

I have to give some more tlc to my kale and turnip greens that made it through the winter. If you've never gardened before give it a try. Remember that you can store your seeds in the freezer to use the next planting season. No need to throw them out or go buy more! Gardening burns calories and gives my family food to eat. It's definitely a win/win situation. Have you planted or started preparing your garden?