Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Friend Paris

I had the honor of reviewing 2 books by a new 14 year old author. Paris Morris and Jenna Conwisar wrote Paris Goes to Los Angeles about a girl on her vacation. Paris Morris wrote My Twins are Coming Home it is also in the Paris series. When I received these books I downloaded them to my PC and to my iPad. I then waited patiently for my kindergartener to come home from school. When she arrived I showed her the books.

She very sweetly climbed into my bed and began reading both stories. She read them quickly and enjoyed both stories. As soon as she was done she came and asked me if I had any more for her to read. I was sad to tell her no I only got those 2. She loved the books. I don't think you can get a better recommendation than a kindergartener wanting to continue reading the series!

Here's the books, in case you're interested in them too.

Two sweet books that are great for little girls and a must have for your collection! Get them today.