Thursday, April 5, 2012

Summer travel?

I want to go somewhere fun this summer. Maybe a water park or nice hotel with some nice amenities. I 'm looking online and found a site with some great deals. They will hook us up with everything from hotel, airfare, rental cars and more. Make sure you visit Mega before you book your hotels and make your travel arrangements. Mega has coupon codes, discounts, deals from travel agents and special offers.

With three kids it can sometimes be tricky to afford to go on vacation. Believe me, I get that. My three kids are wonderful and I love them so much but just to feed them one meal is outrageous and can quickly cause a budget to leak cash. However if you visit Mega you can save so much money that you will be able to go on vacation and still feed the kids. Get it, ...hahaha? No? Like you'd go on vacation and not feed the kids. You wouldn't, would you? Nah.

Anyway, I've never taken them to an indoor water park and that's what I'm looking at today. I have fond memories of going to a water park as a child. I want my children to have those memories as well. Vacations are great. Make sure you visit Mega before you go so you can take advantage of some great deals and discounts.