Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Joint issues with my sweet dog...

We got up on Saturday with tons of errands to run. My sweet Snickers is only 4 years old and suffers from hip dysplasia. He got up limping and whining on Saturday. He went outside and wouldn't not come back in. Coming back in means climbing up steps. Climbing up steps hurts dogs with hip dysplasia.

One of our errands was rabies shots for our babies, Snickers (ebony) and Snowball (ivory). In between errands I gave Snickers a plain aspirin. Then ran another errand and went back 30 minutes later to get him. He was still limping but less whining. He climbed up into the van and then into the seat. When we go on vacation he stays on the floor of the van. But around town we have room and he sits in the chairs. He whined the whole time. Of course he wouldn't listen and get into the floor.

We get to the Vets office and he is up only for reregistering him. So he didn't even have to come. He's back to sleeping on his bed. He slept on the floor that night and we now will not let him sleep with my son unless he brings his bed into his room anymore. He was pitiful. It makes me so sad. I got a glimpse of my life in a few years. He stood at the bottom of the stairs in the garage (2 steps) and just stared at them when we got back home. You could tell he didn't want to go up them. I feel so bad for him and the life he has left to live. :(